An Anti Aging Diet For Losing Weight

Would you like to know of an amazing diet that not only helps you lose weight but also helps to delay the effects of ageing?  

One of the best way to achieve this is through a diet regimen that is well known for helping diabetics maintain better control over their sugar levels, but is also quietly becoming the preferred way you lose weight, keep it off and increase energy levels. This amazing diet is the glycemic index diet and eating plan.

An anti aging glycemic index eating habit and knowledge about what is good for you and what is detrimental is the first step in avoiding “bad” foods and eating “better “foods. Let's take a better look at the kind of foods you should be eating to reduce the impact of aging:  

Vegetables and Fruits  

Leafy green vegetables contain lots of antioxidants, which helps battle against elements that accelerate the aging process. Raw vegetable also have nutrients that keep a person healthy as they get older.  

Fresh fruits are terrific snacks and desserts and are low in calories and high in vitamins and essential minerals.  


Lean proteins are important for building and keeping nourished muscles that weakens as we age. With an anti aging diet plan, ensure that you eat lean cuts of meats such as chicken, fish, beef and pork. Keep in mind to eat as lean as possible and less of it.  


You should consider a supplement as you get older. Vitamins are used by the body to repair and renew itself. Calcium can keep bones stronger, and folic acid can also help with mental alertness. 

Processed Foods  

Salt not only causes water retention and hypertension, but a whole host of other cardiovascular diseases. Recent studies have shown that processed foods are very high in salt content and are a significant risk factor for cardiovascular problems and other diseases. Unfortunately, these foods have so much salt that is way beyond the amount needed by the body.  

Glycemic Index  

Following the suggestions above will not only help you with fighting back the impact of aging, but it can also help you lose weight and keep it off.  

The glycemic index approach to dieting and eating is a great way to lose weight, keep it off, increase your energy and feel healthier, as well as an essential aspect of your anti aging plan. 

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