Fasting Weight Loss - Eat Stop Eat Review

Fasting is an obvious method of weight loss. However, as all dieters know,  fasting is not always easy and successful over time, due to a variety of reasons, including slowed metabolism. There is now a fasting weight loss eating plan based on intermittent fasting called Eat Stop Eat. It outlines the best way to use fasting as a means to losing weight and doing it easily, safely and with success.

This review of the Eat Stop Eat eating plan focuses on why one should consider fasting to lose weight and who should consider fasting for weight loss.

Why Consider Fasting to Lose Weight

Fasting to lose weight is a variation to eating less as part of a diet, and something all dieters have done and know well that eating less is an integral part of weight loss. However, fasting for weight loss is different in that it asks that you stop eating all foods for a certain period of time, while allowing some liquids like water. This approach triggers your body to lose weight due to fasting length and time. The objective of Eat Stop Eat is to gain the benefit of reduced calorie consumption and not have your body go into starvation mode due to slowing metabolism.

Logic indicates that eating less and reducing calorie consumption should help with fat loss. Doing it day in and day out is often the difficult part. However, if you could gain the weight loss benefits of eating less, while at the same time enjoying the ability to eat normally most of the other days during the week, it is certainly worth considering and trying.

Who Should Consider Fasting for Weight Loss

First of all, Eat Stop Eat diet plan is probably one of the simplest diets you can go on. There is no real food preparation and special cooking required. Since it requires a form of flexible intermittent fasting for a sufficiently long period to obtain the benefits of fasting correctly, it can also be one of the most difficult. However, simplicity and freedom from a complex dieting plan does not come free. This diet approach requires tremendous amount of discipline and perseverance. It is a lifestyle change for the long term. While it is simple, fasting is not easy for everyone and especially for someone looking to lose weight.

Should You?

East Stop Eat is one of the simplest diet plans, which have helped many achieve their objective of losing weight naturally and permanently. If you can be disciplined, are willing to fast intermittently on a regular basis, with the allowed flexibility of the plan, you have a good chance that it can help you with your own weight loss goal. In addition, your body may also gain from well known additional benefits of fasting.

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Eat Stop Eat recommends a form of flexible intermittent fasting, where you eat normally on the days you are eating.

This approach triggers your body to lose weight due to fasting length and time.

There is no real food preparation and special cooking required. However, freedom is never free. This approach requires tremendous amount of discipline and perseverance.

It is a lifestyle change for the long term. While it is simple, fasting is not easy for everyone and especially for someone looking to lose weight.

Brad Pilon, the author, is a nutrition professional having worked in the nutritional supplement industry specializing in clinical research management and new product development.

Brad has completed graduate studies in nutritional sciences specializing in the use of short term fasting for weight loss. You will receive with the premium program audio files about the science behind the program. To learn more, click here.

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