Tips For Eating Out Without Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Goals

Eating out can really be a challenge when you are trying to shed some pounds.

Fortunately though, it doesn't have to be an exercise in sheer willpower if you make a few adjustments to your regular dining out routine.

Following are some suggestions that can help you reduce the chances of a complete set-back when eating out with your friends and family.


One of the first questions asked when you are met by your waiter at a restaurant is whether they might bring you a specialty drink; beer or wine.

Are you someone who typically orders a specialty drink or alcoholic beverage when out with family and friends? If so, maintaining your weight loss routine can be really frustrating.

Instead of suffering through the evening, try having a glass of light beer or some wine rather than of having a sugary frozen drink like a daiquiri.

Frozen drinks contain a lot more sugars and calories, which aren’t good for you if you're trying to lose a few pounds.

Beer and wine, while still not the most ideal, are the best choice if you're going to drink.


Next on the menu will be your starter.

For your starter, have a broth based soup instead of a salad topped with a fatty dressing.

While a salad might scream “WEIGHT LOSS” more than soup, most people will choose to pile it with a thick salad dressing, thus negating its weight loss benefits.

For this reason soup is a great alternative.

If you decide to opt for soup, try to get a soup that is less dense. The clearer your soup is in color, the less fat and calories it will usually have in it.

Main Course

When it comes time for the main course, try ordering off of the kid's menu! Many restaurants are happy to oblige.

While it may seem silly and embarrassing to ask, it will help you to ease your hunger without filling up too much. Save the big meals for home, where you can cook a more healthy choice for yourself.

If ordering off of the children's menu is not possible or you are in an establishment that does not cater to kids, just ask the waiter to only bring to the table half of the portion you are ordering, and to put the other in a doggy bag. However, and this is very important, ask the waiter to give you the doggy bag on your way out after you have paid the check and about to be leaving. This way you will not be tempted to eat it at the restaurant.

One of the pitfalls of eating out is that you're more tempted to want to give in to your former weaknesses in lieu of choosing another thing you consider bland and boring.

Nonetheless, as an alternative of swinging too far on the side of deprivation, choose a lighter option of your former favorite food group. For example, in case you are a french fry lover, take into consideration a baked fries or baked potato with a small amount of butter, instead. While a baked potato with butter is certainly not for each day, you can possibly still get your potato or starch craving met, however with much less empty calories than its fried counterpart.

Mostly, look for ways to eat the same as you would while adhering to your weight loss routine at home, and be sure to keep your portions in check.


When having dessert there are many different types of frozen treats.

Most of us head for the straight for the ice cream or a rich cheesecake, but something such as a sorbet will be a lot less detrimental to your weight loss goals.

If this is not available at the place where you are dining, use this as an excuse for an after dinner treat at your local ice cream parlor. There are many delicious options available there for dessert that won't be a burden on your wallet or waist line.

Night Out

If you're going out for a night on the town, it might be a good idea to have some healthy snacks with you so that you can avoid the desire to eat out.

Avoiding fast food is the number one priority you should have when you are trying to lose weight, but if you must eat out, look into the healthier options on the menu.

If you use the above tips every time you eat out, you'll be able to stay on track with your weight loss plan. While it can be challenging and will certainly take planning, this is a great personal development exercise to get in the habit of.

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