What is the Glycemic Index List?

If you have not heard about the Glycemic Index food list, today is your lucky day. The buzz about the list is growing and spreading, beyond those who are diabetics and are required to control their blood glucose levels.

The glycemic index listing of food is now becoming part of the mainstream because of the sensible and beneficial effect on weight by helping individuals take better control of their lives and to lose weight.

In order to appreciate what the GI food list is, you have to get an understanding of the glycemic index, how it works, and how it can influence your life. Then, you can look at and understand the gi list.

The Glycemic Index

As you now know, the glycemic index was first developed to assist diabetics deal with the fast changing and often bewildering levels of blood sugar.

It’s objective was to have a common list that was relatively simple to read, so both physicians and patients would know the effect of the different foods that they ate on their blood sugar levels and to allow them to change their diets based on this knowledge.

Essentially, the glycemic index ranks carbohydrates on a scale relative to a control which is 100. The calculation is based on the level of increase in blood sugar within a certain time frame after eating that food.

Generally, foods with a higher ranking are digested more rapidly, and as a result generate a spike in your blood sugar levels.

On the other hand, lower ranking foods are digested slower. This allows the sugars to slowly and steadily be introduced in the system in your body. The effect of this is that it avoids the sudden increase in sugar levels seen with higher GI ranked foods.

Given what we now know, glycemic index is no longer the secret weapon of individuals managing their diabetes. Now, everyone can benefit from it. Even if you are absolutely healthy, using the GI concept can help you lose weight, and at the same time reduce the risk of getting or aggravating cardiovascular diseases, and more.

What's the Glycemic Index Food List?

By now, you must be interested and rearing to look further and see how you can also take advantage of this not so secret concept.

You may also have heard others talk about this, and they or even your doctor may have said something about looking at the list. Since at that time you were not sure what it meant, you did not follow up or did anything about it. However, you now know it works and helps to sensibly lose weight, in addition to other benefits. It is time to finally take a see what the glycemic index list is.

The glycemic index list is exactly what it says - a huge list of foods with their respective glycemic ratings. The good news is that the list consists of most foods that one generally eats, though not all, especially if you are into exotic or specialty foods.

The best part is that the rankings are in numbers, which are easy to understand. Using this system is almost like painting by the numbers. Just eat more of the foods with lower numbers and reduce your consumption of higher ranked foods. For your information, anything above 69 is considered high, and anything below 56 is considered low. It is as simple as that, though not the full story.

Why the Glycemic Index?

So let us now deal with and answer the obvious and often asked question by many - why should we follow the glycemic index. Is it only for diabetics? Can it also benefit those on a never ending search for sensible weight loss diets and plans so they can lose weight? Quite simply, why?

Well, first and foremost, the glycemic index is not some fringe and random weight management approach or diet. It is a scientifically studied and embraced system to deal with and mange blood glucose levels.

Recently, however, growing number of people besides diabetics have started using the glycemic index for losing weight, and physicians and nutritionists have been realizing how helpful it can be to facilitate weight loss. Get to know the low glycemic index foods as your first step to switching your eating habits.

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  • The glycemic index is for measuring and calculating how the body consumes various foods, and how it can influence the body’s blood sugar level.
  • The glycemic index food list is a list of commonly eaten foods, and their glycemic values.
  • The glycemic index originally catered for diabetics, but nowadays many non-diabetics are using it to sensibly lose weight and enhance their general health.

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