Your Breakfast Bar May Be Out to Get You,
If You Are On a Low Glycemic Index Diet

If you’re like most Americans you’re probably grabbing breakfast on the go or sometimes skipping it altogether.

Breakfast is a must if you’re following a low glycemic index diet. But you’re going to have to abandon the Fruit Loops.

So what about those breakfast bars that we see so many commercials for that claim to be so healthy?

While the quantity of each bar is comparable, the quality most definitely is not!

For starters, stay away from the puffed-rice cereal bars. These bars contain refined carbohydrates that will definitely send your blood sugar levels soaring. You’ll also find yourself hungry again in a few hours.

If you must choose a breakfast bar, pick one super high in fiber. High fiber foods typically have a low glycemic value. Be sure to read the package to confirm the fiber content.

One breakfast bar we checked  made grandiose claims that it was packed with “filling fiber,” when in fact the bar contained a measly two grams of fiber! Not much when you consider that the USDA recommended daily fiber intake is so much higher.

The best breakfast bars are those made with whole grains and oats. There are great recipes for making your own breakfast bars too!

Since you are on a low glycemic index diet, you should also pair your healthy breakfast bar with fruits for a more complete breakfast.

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