Low Glycemic Index Diet

If you are always failing on your diets, then you are ready to begin a "new" scientifically studied low glycemic index diet plan that will allow you to not only lose weight but also reduce your food cravings, regain your energy and feel healthier and better about you.

The great thing about a low glycemic index diet is that it is a way to eat and not actually a diet.

It was developed by Dr. David Jenkins of the University of Toronto in 1981. This index was developed primarily to help diabetics better manage their sugar levels through choice of the foods they eat.

However, researchers also found that this approach was helpful to those looking to lose weight and keep it off. In fact this approach has been recommended by the Harvard School of Public Health for non-diabetic healthy people also, irrespective of their interest in weight management. Also, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) also recommend a low GI diet to prevent, amongst other diseases, obesity.

What Exactly is the Glycemic Index and Why is it Important?

The glycemic index (GI) is the relative ranking of foods to their immediate impact on blood sugar levels, with glucose at 100. Eating high GI foods helps the occurrence of the infamous sugar crashes that lead to sugar cravings. Eating lower GI foods helps the body maintain a level and balanced blood sugar level, and as a result reduces the craving and crashes one feels. This has been found to be linked to weight gain and overeating and also to ones energy levels.

What is a Low Glycemic Index Diet?

A low GI diet is a way of eating and a lifestyle that focuses on eating more of low glycemic foods and less of higher glycemic foods. It is not a quick fix, nor is it a magic bullet. Rather, as mentioned earlier, it is a way to eat and a natural and safe approach to eating. The benefits are many, in addition to losing weight.

How to Start on a Low GI Diet?

The best way to start a low glycemic diet is to first understand that this is a way of eating and not a fixed and firm approach to dieting. Understanding the concept and approach is key to success. Start with an easy to read guide to a sensible weight loss that is a starting resource for your glycemic index approach. If you prefer more details, hand holding and follow-up, then this diet solution may be better.

Once you are knowledgeable, them start making the change in your eating habits. Slow and steady usually wins the race. It will give you a better chance to succeed and stop failing on diets as you may have previously.





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