Why Eating Oats is Sensible for Weight Loss and Good for Low Glycemic Diet

As part of a sensible low glycemic weight loss eating plan, whole grains are important.

For losing weight, adding oats to your breakfast can help overcome your mid-morning tummy growls. In addition, oats are heart healthy and can help lower your cholesterol.


Why eating Oats is good for weight loss?

Eating a low glycemic diet (which includes oatmeal and other grains) is one way to keep your blood sugar stable throughout the day. Oats and other grains are harder than other substances to digest so it takes time to pass.

The benefit of eating unrefined grains is that you experience a steady state of energy as oats are broken down slowly. This makes you feel fuller for a longer period of time, making you less likely to crave for more food.

When you feel full, you are less likely to eat. As you well know, losing weight is all about eating less and eating better.

By eating less, the calories you burn are the fats stored in your body (think weight loss!).

What Oats to Eat

Oatmeal is a hot cereal that can help you with your diet and also help lower your cholesterol. However, avoid eating the flavored variety. They are full of sugar.

The best type of oatmeal to eat is the one you make from scratch. It can, however, be time consuming. But, once you get the hang of it, you will be good to go and it will become a part of your morning routine.

It is important to use the steel cut variety, as it will give you the most benefit.

If making oatmeal from scratch is not your cup of tea, using the steel cut quick cook type is a good alternative.

You can then add some honey, sugar substitute or fruit to give it flavor.

How much Oats to Eat?

You don’t have to eat oatmeal every day, but go ahead if you enjoy it. It is good for you as long as you prepare it properly and just one cup a day will help your body get back on track.

Eating oats is not only your ticket to a sensible part of eating better for weight loss, it is also your ticket to higher energy levels, improved digestive function and better heart and vascular health.

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