The Curse of the Perpetual Dieting Roller Coaster

perpetual dieting roller coaster imageMore and more of us have or will have a weight problem.

Sooner or later, we will seek to lose weight by traditional popular diets, by changing eating habits for short periods of time, in the hope of losing weight permanently.

Let me tell you the bad news right up-front. For most individuals, traditional dieting alone will not work. To lose weight permanently, we have to do something different, and not become a victim to the curse of the perpetual diet; we have to learn how to stop failing our diets!

Starve and Slow your Metabolism!

Many well-known diets are based on starving the body. However, starving through sudden reduction in food consumption results in slowing the body's metabolism and therefore the rate of weight loss.

If we are lucky to reach our weight loss goal, we stop dieting and get right back to eating like we use to. But, to our horror, the dreaded weight comes right back in a hurry. In fact, for many, the regained weight is often greater than the initial weight lost by dieting.

So, what do we do, say before the beach season or before the wedding we have to go to (our own or someone else's)? We start dieting again, and the perpetual dieting cycle begins once again.

We eventually end up feeling down and sorry for ourselves and just give up on losing weight and somehow accept that we are destined to fat and "happy", somehow we ignore the fact that we are overweight or obese. As a defense mechanism, we live in denial, hoping one day by some miracle a fast and easy fat loss pill or diet will come along and make us thin again, and all will be well.

Sounds familiar? Unfortunately it does.

Is there hope?

Is there hope for all overweight and obese people of the world?

Yes, there is. It will, however, require a strong desire to change our lifestyle and eating habits and to acknowledge that slowly losing weight naturally over time and without expecting a quick solution is a better way to lose weight permanently. If we can do this, then there is hope.

So start now. Not tomorrow, not later today, but this very minute.

Take some action to change the status quo

Look to change the kind of food you normally eat and the amount of food you eat. Sprinkle it with some activity that gets your heart pumping and you are well on your way.

I know it is not easy, but it can be done.

Partner with someone at home or a close friend.

Seek to make change, slowly but surely.

Many small steps can lead us forward in our quest to stop failing diets, and get off that dreaded perpetual dieting roller coaster curse.

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