Secrets to Losing Weight -
for a Better Weight and a Happier and Healthier You

how to stop failing diets question to wise man imageHere is a story about finding the secrets to losing weight for a better weight and a happier and healthier you.

Just imagine that you have just climbed to the top of the mountain to find the wise man to ask "How do I Stop Failing Diets?"

Having found him, the wise man's response to your question is rather short and simple:

"Not to Gain Weight, in the first place".

I am sure you did not expect that answer and found it rather unsatisfactory.

I can now imagine you asking:

"If I Knew How, O Wise Man, I Would Not Have Asked the Question in the First Place".

To your lament, the wise man responds:

"The Way to Stop Failing Diets is Not to Gain Weight in the First Place. To Not Gain Weight in the First Place, You have to Find and Practice the Four E's"

The Four E's?

Needless to say, I can now almost hear you shout out:

"O wise man, what are the Four E's? ".

Unfortunately, as you briefly blink, the wise man is no longer sitting on his mountain top perch and has somehow vanished without a trace.

The Long Climb Down

I can sense your frustration and anger for feeling that you have wasted your valuable time climbing up the mountain for the wise man. As you climb down the mountain. I can imagine you thinking about nothing else but wondering what are the Secret Four E's.

Since the way down is long, you have ample time to think about what the wise man said to you. As you descend, it suddenly dawns on you that the Four E's could only be:

Could these be the final links you were looking for?

Could it be that there are no magic bullets and quick and easy fix to a better weight?

Could it be all about balancing the act of eating, living and loving life?

Could this be the secret to Stop Failing Diets and permanently achieving your better weight and becoming a happier and healthier you?

The Meaning of the Secret Four E's

Eat Less

Eating less is easier said than done, you might say.

I agree. The biggest problem is portion control. Portions have increased through the years, not only in our homes, but also in restaurants, just as the size of our plates. What was normal regular size many years ago is now junior size! What was large is now regular normal size!

Eating less is really the first step.

Just take a little less when you eat next time. Do not go for the second spoonful. Do not super-size. If the portion on the plate is too much, avoid cleaning out the plate and take a doggy bag home instead.

I know it can be difficult at first, but try and try again. If all else fails, try a natural appetite suppressant such as hoodia. It can jump start your eating less resolution and help a lot. Just be careful about your choice of brand. There are many brands that are not pure and have fillers in them. Make sure it is grown in South Africa and certified pure by an independent laboratory.

Eat Right

Eating right is not only about what you eat and drink, but is also about when and how you eat. Wrong kind of eating is a major problem for the overweight and obese. Using an appropriate weight loss eating plan can help you to eat right for the rest of your life and lose weight permanently.

There are numerous eating well programs available, ranging from the inexpensive to the very expensive. Look at all of the diets and eating plans available to determine which one is the one best suited for you. Do not fall for the ads that proclaim a single plan as the best or one of the popular fad diets talked about on TV.

The best weight loss eating program is a program that is appropriate for you and fits your personality and adapts to your lifestyle. Also, there should be scientific support for the approach to eating better. This means that you should look at the various options available and determine the right fit for you and its legitimacy. There are, unfortunately, no short cuts and easy answers.

Enjoy Activity

We need activity to lead a fulfilling life. Enjoying activity is about being busy, about exercising, about walking and taking the steps instead of the elevator, about leaving the car in the garage and walking over instead. Enjoying activity is also about starting hobbies and taking up sports that get you out and about.

Activity is a necessary ingredient to burning calories and helping you lose weight, and also helping you be fitter and healthier.

Enjoy Life

The last and perhaps the most important of the four E's is about enjoying life.

It's all about enjoying the simple things in life that does not necessarily require a lot of money, resource or time.

Everybody can do it. It is not just for the wealthy and is often free.

Have a positive attitude and look for the brighter side of things. Enjoy yourself, your friends and family. Enjoy what you do at work, at home and for others. Indulge yourself with fun hobbies. Learn new things and have a curious mind. Ask questions and seek answers.

Remember to laugh, hearty laughs, as laughter is part of enjoying life.

Collectively, they all contribute towards enjoying life and a better you.

The bottom line is that the answer to a better weight and happier and healthier you is simple and lies within you.

Take the answers that you just found from the wise man. Take the secrets to losing weight, the four E's, and understand and follow them. It is certain to change you and your life forever.

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