The Two Pronged Strategy for Weight Loss

What are the two biggest problems faced by most individuals with excess weight? 

  • Overeating 
  • Perpetual Dieting 

The Two Pronged Strategy for Weight Loss Strategy (TPSWL) relates to naturally addressing the above problem faced by most individuals with extra weight: perpetual dieting and constant overeating.

The TPSWL focuses on two different but complementary approaches to helping you eat healthy but less, so you not only lose weight permanently but even more importantly, regain your appetite for love, life and happiness.

The TPSWL calls for starting with a natural appetite suppressant, along with a weight loss eating plan to stay with for the long term and which utilizes scientifically proven information to help you eat better and naturally reduce the amount of food your body craves.

What Exactly is a Natural Appetite Suppressant?

appetite suppressant naturalAn appetite suppressant is something that suppresses or restrains your appetite for food and is often associated with OTC diet drugs.

In our Two Pronged Weight Loss S trategy, we subscribe to losing weight and keeping it off the natural way, i.e without drugs and without short term unhealthy dieting!

While drugs and other OTC medications have been known to reduce your urge to eat, they usually have unwanted side effects that can be harmful to your health. Further, their effects are temporary. Once you stop taking them, your hunger takes over and your weight comes right back on again.

Further, crash dieting or perpetual dieting is not only harmful, but is a short term fix that usually leads to weight gain and the vicious cycle of perpetual dieting. The only way is to make a long-term change to eating habits and amount/selection of foods.

Needless to say, drugs and dieting are not viable strategies for long term healthy weight loss.

What is the Natural Appetite Suppressant Way to Lose Weight Permanently?

Our concept of appetite suppressant for weight loss is not only to use a natural substance that helps reduce your hunger pangs and craving for food, but also to incorporates a longer term solution of eating better and eating healthier.

In choosing an eating plan, the objective is not to starve, but to eat an appropriate proportion of healthy and select foods that also attacks one of the enemies of weight loss; the hunger pangs that is constantly nagging at dieters in between meals and at the end of the day. This is key to reducing weight and maintain the weight loss permanently.

This two fold approach, which has a natural, healthy and long-term focus, is the
Two Pronged Weight Loss Strategy.

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What is the Two Pronged Strategy for Weight Loss?

The Two Pronged Strategy for Weight Loss (TPSWL) consists of two complementary components to help jump start your desire to stop failing diets and lose weight permanently: 

Natural Appetite Suppressant

how to lose weight

The First Prong of the TPS for Weight Loss is to Start With an appetite suppressant that is natural and pure, and has been shown to be effective in suppressing hunger without side effects.

This allows you to jump start your weight loss management plan for losing weight and keeping it off.

An effective appetite suppressant will help you take the daily hunger pangs that leads to overeating, not only during meals but also in between.

Remember, the appetite suppressant addresses the biggest cause for most weight loss plan failure - constant nibbling and overeating. It helps to reduces the urge to eat food, especially when it is in front of us and everywhere we go, as we are continuously bombarded with the temptation to not only eat more but to eat all the wrong foods.

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Sensible Weight Loss Plan

stop failing diets

The Second Prong of the TPS for Weight Loss is to Stay With an approach to eating that is healthy and long term, and can help you finally stop failing diets.

The choice of the eating plan is equally critical and should be based on a scientifically proven and time tested approach to eating better.

It should be a balanced diet that not only helps you lose weight, but also helps you regain your energy and suppresses hunger pangs. These hunger pangs attack dieters in making wrong choices that subvert their desire to lose weight.

Remember, a lot of the popular fad diets are fine for the short term, but some are downright inappropriate for you as an individual. If you cannot follow a diet and lose weight permanently, no matter how good it is, it is not good enough for you. 

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