Weight Loss, Personality & Age

Not only does your personality and age affect your weight, it also impacts the type of weight loss program that will work best for you. Some are more prone to putting on weight due to their personality or age, while others are more likely to keep fit because of their personality or age.

Is Your Personality Sabotaging Your Weight Loss?

Studies have been done which showed that many people suffering from obesity tended to act on the spur of the moment and did not have the ability to learn from their experience and act on what they have learnt.

Your personality also influences the activities you take part in and whether these activities will contribute to weight loss or sabotage it. If you enjoy exercise and have plenty of energy you will find it a lot easier to lose weight than if you prefer watching television.

Choose a Weight Loss Plan That Suits Your Personality

If you are very sociable and love being around people then your best weight loss program will probably mean plenty of support – personal training, diet support groups and friends who want to help you lose weight and are losing weight themselves.

If you are a free spirit who hates having to follow rules then forget about a rigid program and diet, you simply won’t stick to it. Whatever type of personality you have, you will have more success at a weight loss program if you work with your personality instead of against it.

Does Age Affect Your Weight?

We have probably all heard that as you get older it gets more difficult to lose weight.

Why is this? Well, the first reason is that as you get older your metabolism will slow down. The second is that your muscle tends to decrease while the percentage of fat increases. These two factors means that you need less calories in your daily diet and if you keep on eating the way you did when you were younger, it will result in weight gain.

Understand Your Age and Life Phase to Lose Weight

At different ages we will have different needs and require different approaches to weight loss.

When you’re young the problem of picking up weight may be due to too many nights out, eating junk food and weight loss may require getting a better balance with eating healthier foods.

Between the ages of 30 and 50 is when most women put on weight as they may be caring for the needs of their husband and children and may eat more than they need to or eat candy and sweets and other unhealthy snacks with the kids.

During menopause women feel like eating more due to changes in hormones while their metabolism is decreasing.

All of these different phases of life come with different reasons for putting on weight and different things to watch out for in keeping them off.

Age and personality can play a big role in your weight gain, as well as in how you go about losing weight and keeping it off. Learn to understand yourself better and you will be more likely to lose weight successfully.

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