Mindset - One of the Keys to Weight Loss

weight loss mindset To successfully lose weight, you have to do this simple balancing act: use up more calories than you eat! To do that, you must change your current weight loss mindset.

The best way to lose weight is to eat a lesser amount of certain foods and more of others (such as in the Stop Failing Diets - Sensible Weight Loss with the Glycemic Index plan) & exercise a bit more.

While it sounds simple, and is what most diets try to do, is not as easy as it sounds. Other than choosing the appropriate weight loss plan, the key to successful weight loss is a change in your mindset.

Realistically, mindset change alone won't change the rate at which your body burns calories or consumes less food, and it will not magically cause you to eat less or exercise more. With the right mindset adjustment, you are more likely to maintain a weight loss management program in the long run. Keeping it going is critical for achieving a permanent healthy and sensible weight loss result.

What is mindset and what does it mean?

Mindset is a mental attitude that determines how you will interpret and respond to situations. Attitude is a mental state involving beliefs and feelings and values and dispositions to act in certain ways.

In order to lose weight and keep it off, it is all about what and how much to eat and whether and how to exercise. Plus, potentially even more importantly, having the motivation and willpower to continue on the right track and avoid and overcome hurdles and obstacles to achieving your end goal.

Some, even those who want a more natural weight loss, just go on doing more or less the same things day in and day out. They usually start off well but over time, slowly and surely, start going back to the old and weight gaining habits.

Without a real and meaningful change in behaviour, nothing will lead to any permanent real and meaningful change in results. To change behavior, it is necessary to start with adjusting mindset.

How to Adjust Mindset?

That is the million dollar question, and the answer, which to no surprise, will be different from person to person.

The real question may well be not how to adjust mindset but rather what will finally drive you to change your mindset.

Some people will reach a critical point in their lives.

They may finally become tired of looking in the mirror and seeing a body image they don't recognize as themselves and despise.

Or, they will finally realize that the person in the old pictures is actually them and not someone else (especially when your child asks "Mommy, who is that lady in the picture with Daddy?").

Or, they are tired of feeling tired and sleepy all the time.

This will be the point that will finally strongly motivated them to begin to change habits, change their diet and commit to a healthy active lifestyle.

Others will need much much more and will have to go a bit more deeper, to find the inner willpower to change.

Starting a diet "after the holidays" or "after changing jobs" or any of the thousand other reasons we come up with to delay starting means just one thing, they are not starting now and are not likely to start later.

The best time to start is always now and not later, since later usually never comes.

An mindset change is required if you want to start achieving results now.

Getting the Right Mindset

Changing your mindset to lose weight is always easier said than done. But not so hard if you look at any of the many sources available to help you.

Friends who have successfully lost weight or are currently on track to lose significant weight through a natural weight loss program can be an inspiration. Let them be your motivator and not the failure to lose weight you find yourself in.

The other important thing is to understand the causes of weight gain and why it is a problem for you. This will be an important first step to helping you change your mindset.

This mindset change that will hopefully result in a lifestyle change you really wanted in the first place: to lose weight naturally and to not regain it back, so you can live and enjoy life to the fullest.

Finding the Right Plan

Finding a weight management program that suits your natural tendency will help get you started and stay on much easier.

Find out more about the wide variety of weight management programs available. However, do not go for the quick fix plans (there are none). Seek a plan that is long term in outlook, healthy and helps you achieve a lifestyle change. In other words, it is not a diet, which by definition is short term.

This means that if you are struggling with weight loss, and it bears repeating, this is going to be a lifestyle change and, therefore, important that you do not think of it as a short term diet.

Some find it easy to plan by tracking calories.

Others want to just focus on better foods, but reduce the portions they normally consume.

Still others may want to follow a plan that has successfully been used by others they know or trust.

The only correct answer to "Which is best?", is the one that is sensible, healthy and helps you get started to steadily lose weight and keep it off permanently.

One of the better approaches to losing weight is using the glycemic index concept to make a lifestyle change in eating, as outlined in the Stop Failing Diets with the Glycemic Index.

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