Weight Loss Rules - Three Rules for Permanent Weight Loss

Forget all the fad diets and quick weight loss plans. Forget the extremes and suffering associated with some diets. To start losing weight and keeping it off, start by following just three weight loss rules that will definitely get you mentally and physically prepared to lose weight permanently.

Diets by definition are short term and focused on achieving a specific goal. Unfortunately, most diets all of their lives, losing and gaining weight perpetually. Permanent weight loss is a long term lifestyle approach to not only losing weight but also staying healthy and eating to keep the weight loss off.

There are diets that focus on one food group over the other. Some diets push proteins over carbohydrates and vice versa. Then there are fruit diets, vegetarian diets etc. While individually many of the approaches are valid and appropriate, by itself they often go to the extreme and are not sustainable for the longer term. That is why, for most, these are significant departures from the norm and difficult to stay on - leading to the perpetual failing diet curse.

The consistent fact, backed by numerous scientific nutritional studies and research, remains a constant - eat in moderation, eat regularly and have a balanced eating plan. This is and has always been true, not only in the past 50 plus years but even before then.

Rule 1 - Moderation

moderation weight loss ruleDo you know that the standard dinner plate is significantly larger than the plates made not too long ago. Do you know that the small or kid size portion in restaurants is equivalent to the large size of yester-year's? This has led to everyone eating more than what we use to eat before. Coupled with a reduced level of activity, it is no wonder that we have an obesity epidemic in this country.

The first rule, therefore, is to eat in moderation. Start by using smaller plates, cups, bowls and glasses. If eating family style, put out smaller portions to take from, and just take one smaller portion. Avoid going to buffets, since that will undoubtedly lead to excess eating.

Rule 2 - Regular

regular weight loss ruleEating on a regular interval is one of the many habits that can help in ensuring that you do not get extremely hungry and as a result eat excessively. Eating on a regular routine trains your body to refuel itself frequently and systematically, allowing it to function optimally and wit less focus on the next meal time.

The second rule should therefore be eating a healthy breakfast to fuel your start of the, followed by a reasonable lunch and an appropriate dinner. I personally prefer to take small snacks in between breakfast and lunch and in between lunch and dinner. Depending on your schedule for eating and sleeping time, an appropriate snack after dinner and sleep may also be fine, though not for everyone.

Rule 3 - Balance

balance for weight lossEating should be a balance between the various foods groups we are all too familiar with: protein, dairy, grains, fruits and vegetables. These applies to most individuals, but can be modified for special needs and requirements if you are a vegetarian or are allergic to certain foods.

One of the better approaches to ensuring a right mix of eating a balanced diet is to follow the approach suggested by the large body of work that incorporates the glycemic index concept. This approach provides the rationale for which food is better for reducing hunger pangs, increasing energy levels and feeling healthier and better, while losing weight an keeping it off.

There is no such thing as a single easy and quick diet that can lead to a permanent weight loss. However, if you are willing to start an appropriate eating plan, starting with the three rules mentioned above, you are well on your way to losing weight permanently.

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