What is Hoodia?

Hoodia is not some drug used for weight loss but a supplement derived from a cactus-like plant mainly grown the Kalahari desert in Southern Africa. It is a succulent plant with purple flowers which take 5 years to bloom. There are over thirteen species of Hoodia, and are believed to contain a steroidal glycoside called P57.

Hoodia had been used as a source of food & water for the San Bushmen of the Kalahari desert when they went out for long hunting trips. They would cut off the stem & eat the bitter tasting plant to curb their thirst and hunger.  Because of its appetite suppressant attributes, hoodia gordonii has gained immense popularity in the United States. It is available mainly as capsules as an aid for weight loss.

How Hoodia Works?

Hoodia, in its purest form, is all natural and is not known to have any detrimental side effects. Regarding its efficacy, a British company, Phytopharm, conducted a survey in UK. which revealed that the average user of Hoodia, over a course of fourteen days, were able to reduce their calorie intake significantly, leading to weight loss.

It achieved weight loss by reducing hunger pangs, versus other diet pills that try to increase the speed at which the body burns fat. It is better to eat less than to try and burn off excess intake of food after the fact.

Hoodia works with the body and not against it. It does not change the body's metabolic function. Hoodia's naturally active ingredient (molecule P57) sends a message to the hypothalamus indicating that you are full, and as a result you feel less hungry.

Hoodia capsules are easy to take, taken some time before each meal. Coupled with its use, a good diet & regular exercise, you are well on your way to losing weight and training your body to eat less for the longer term.

Like any natural remedy or even diet drugs, the outcome is not the same for everyone. Remember, it is  meant to be a hunger reducer. For some, just taking hoodia before every meal is more than enough to reduce their food intake and as a result lose weight. For many others, it also required eating better and doing exercises. Then, there are those for whom it does not work at all. The only way to find out if hoodia is for you is to try it by following instructions carefully, as long as it is quality 100% pure hoodia from South Africa.

Is Your Hoodia Pure? 

The only way to find out if hoodia is real and pure or adulterated with fillers at less than optimal strength, is to have a laboratory test done. In addition, the seller or supplier/manufacturer should be able to provide a copy of the C.I.T.E.S import license, which is issued upon entry to the US. that the place of origin is South Africa from approved cultivators.

It is best that before purchasing hoodia, that you do your due diligence regarding the brand and supplier. Read the label. Watch out for inclusion of other ingredients. Ensure it is pure full strength and grown in South Africa (C.I. T.E.S.)

Find a reliable and honest supplier who is prepared to show the laboratory certificate of tests conducted by an independent well known organization for their brand of hoodia. Also, knowing that hoodia is difficult to grow and takes almost 4-5 years to mature, that the supply is scarce and only available to few manufacturers and that pure hoodia is expensive.

As a result, many unscrupulous sellers claim their hoodia to be South African and pure, and usually put up a fake document on their website. They also undercut the price of the authentic hoodia products by including fillers or hoodia grown in other countries that are not shown to have similar effect as South African hoodia. Unfortunately, more than 80% of hoodia products found in the market could be counterfeit or contaminated. 

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