Why Do We Keep Failing Diets?

Are you one of the many millions wondering why losing weight is so hard and why we keep failing diets?

If so, there is a good chance that you are looking for a quick fix to a weight problem that happened over a long time. In reality, there are no quick fixes.

However, if we can discover the why, we may be able to stop failing the many diets we have been on so many times?

Reducing Calories is Not the Only Answer

Lot of times we think that all we have to do is lower our calorie intake to lose weight.

Unfortunately, in our zeal to lose weight quickly, we end up lowering them to a point where it slows our metabolism rate. When this happens, the body will actually gain weight.

A healthy diet is at least 1200 to 1500 calories for an active person. If your calorie intake is allowed to go below 1000, the metabolism can start slowing and the impact of lower calories are not felt as much.

You Must Eat Breakfast

Many of us skip breakfast; whereas it is the most important meal of the day.

We must eat breakfast to start the day correctly! This gets the metabolism going in the morning after being dormant overnight. However, what we eat for breakfast is equally important. Unfortunately the traditional breakfast or the quick and easy processed ones are not the way to go.

Hydrate Yourself

We often don't drink enough water in the amount we are supposed to.

We prefer to drink soda or other calorie rich drinks or drinks with artificial sweeteners. If we do drink water, we complain about not liking the taste or worry about going to the bathroom too often.

The various cells of the body need good old plain water to do their tasks (green or even black tea is a good alternative). When these cells are healthy and doing their jobs right, the body works more efficiently. This could help you lose weight more effectively.

Eating Less is the Simplest Way

The average food intake has increased tremendously from a few decades ago. Even worse, the kinds of foods we now consume are more processed. Both are detrimental to our health and weight.

Eating the Right Foods is the Key

Another way we make it hard for ourselves when trying to lose weight is by eating all the wrong foods in all the wrong ways.

Also we should eat several smaller meals/snacks during the day instead of three big ones. This keeps our metabolism going evenly throughout the day while keeping us from getting into the habit of eating large meals in one sitting.

One of the better ways to know the kind of foods to eat and the correct balance between different foods, is by learning about the glycemic index of foods and using the glycemic index list for understanding the foods we are currently eating and how it may impact our body.

A lower glycemic index diet has been shown to help lose weight and the benefits are many.

A low glycemic diet can help ensure that your diet is improved, balanced and appropriate for losing weight and keeping it off.

Being Active is Important

We may think they by just adjusting our eating habits, the weight will come right off.

Well guess again.

If we don't move our body and be active, we cannot burn calories as effectively as we could.

We have to exercise on a regular basis, as part of a weight loss plan, to burn the necessary calories while becoming fit also.

Exercise can keep the metabolism at a level that burns calories fast enough for us to lose weight. Also the more muscle we have, the better our body will burn fat. This is what we need to lose those unwanted pounds.

So Why O Why?

So why is losing weigh so hard?

It is hard because we often do it the wrong way and therefore we keep failing our diets.

We often eat too much and don’t reduce food consumption enough, just for starters.

If we do cut back on eating, we may go on a crash diet that is not good for losing weight and especially not for keeping it off.

Finally, we don't eat the right foods. At the same time we are not being active enough to help the body burn up the excess calories.

The Answer My Friends

Weight loss does not have to be as hard as it has been.

Make losing weight easier today by learning to eat the right foods. Start by using the glycemic index list and following a lower glycemic index diet.

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